Time auction

Time auction - Buy and sell



The first step for taking part in a time auction is to register on our MY FARSETTI. If you have not registered yet, you will have to activate the registration procedure: a few simple steps will enable you to make online bids.
In order to register, you must fill in an application form and create an account. You will be requested to send a valid identity document, to enter the information needed for the invoicing, and to accept our general conditions. When your registration has been completed, you can access your own MY FARSETTI area.
Within 24 hours your document will be validated, and it will be possible for you to place bids.  
At this point, you may select a Time Auction from our auctions calendar.

Once the Time Auction is online, it will be possible for you to display the catalogue and the detailed descriptions of the lots, with the relevant images.
You will also be able to check the state of each lot and at the same time to find out if you are the highest bidder for the lot you are displaying.
To access the system, you can use your user ID and password, which have been previously defined during the registration.
Once you have gained access, you can place bids by means of the bargaining functions offered by the time system. The bargaining information system is programmed to issue automatic email messages.  
When the bargaining is closed, if you are the winning bidder for a lot, you will receive all the information needed for the payment of your purchase.


Besides the customary bid (next bid), you can also enter your highest-bid value, that is the upper spending limit you do not wish to exceed. As a user who has registered for the auction, you can enter the maximum price you are prepared to offer for that lot; this amount will not be seen by the other users who are taking part in the auction. When you enter your highest-bid value, the system will automatically generate higher bids for you every time another user places a bid, until your previously indicated highest-bid value is reached. The bids are raised only by the amount required for you to go on being the highest bidder for that lot, or for you to reach the reserve price.
If another user places a bid that is equal to the one you have selected, but before you, or enters a highest-bid value that is higher than yours, the system will warn you that your bid has been exceeded, so as to give you the chance to raise your bid.

If, on expiration of the auction, no other user has placed a higher bid, the auctioned object will be sold to you even if you have not reached your highest-bid value.
It is important to follow the auction up to its expiration, because the system is programmed to accept bids until the end of the auction, and the current practice is that many bids are made precisely on the last day. For this reason we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity of assigning your highest-bid value to the lot or lots in which you are interested. Moreover, there is the possibility that the closing time of a lot be extended, because, as in auctions with an auctioneer, the system also accepts last-minute bids. In this case the end of the auctioning of the lot is deferred, in order to give the other users the time to raise their bids if desired. Nevertheless, the postponement of the closure of a lot does not affect the deadline for closing subsequent lots. In your MY FARSETTI private area, you can verify the state of the bids for each individual lot whenever you wish, and the system will warn you, also via email, when there is a change in the state of the object for which you are bidding.


    If at the closing of the lot you are the winning bidder, right after the lot is closed you will receive an congratulation email that notifies you of your purchase, then, separately, an invoice for the total expenditure and instructions for the payment. We remind you that the buyer’s premium must be added to the hammer price, as specified in the general Conditions of Sales, which all participants in auctions, both traditional and online, declare in advance they have read and approved.
    The lots that have been sold will be delivered exclusively by courier.

    Paintings, sculptures, pieces of furniture and art objects
    All the lots can be collected in our premises:
    Vaile Della Republican,
    Area Muse Peck
    59100 Prato, Italia
    from Wednesday to Friday, 8:30 to 12:30 / 14:30 to 17:30.

If you wish to get in touch with us for more detailed information about online time auctions, you may fill in the information-requesting form you can find at this address, or call Farsettiarte PRATO:
Telephone: +39 0574 572400
Email: info@farsettiarte.it