For over fifty years, Farsettiarte has been the place to go to for Modern Art, in Italy. Its catalogues have been filled with all sorts of 20th century Italian art, as well as with works by the most [..]
Farsettiarte steadily monitors any development in the art market; that’s why its auctions always host a rich selection of works by Italian and international contemporary artists, carefully selected [..]
The department was founded in 1991 in the new premises in Viale della Repubblica. Sales took a new direction in the new premises, designed to home and handle paintings as well as furnishings, china, [..]
The department was also founded in 1991, along with the Ancient Paintings and Furnishings one. The selection is mainly focussed on 19 th century Italian art, where pride of place is given to Macchiaioli [..]
The recently established department deals with antique and modern jewelry, watches and silver, offering the opportunity to bid rare and precious objects at competitive prices.

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