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"FA TEMPO" IS FARSETTIARTE’S NEW SYSTEM FOR PURCHASING AUCTIONED GOODS. HOW TO TAKE PART IN A TIME AUCTION The first step for taking part in a time auction is to register on our [..]
Fasettiarte LIVE, the innovative real-time auctions Nurturing you passion for art and beauty by participating at real time auctions is now easy, comfortable and safe. Thanks to the technology of [..]
ACQUISITION OF OBJECTS AND PAINTINGS FOR AUCTIONS For inclusion in the sales organized by Farsettiarte on behalf of third parties. Anyone interested in selling modern and contemporary art, antique [..]
Request an appraisal for inclusion in upcoming auctions Please send Farsetti photographs of the items of interest, along with descriptive material to aid in their appraisal, for the purpose of their [..]
BANK TRANSFER FROM ITALY INTESA SAN PAOLO SPA Viale della Repubblica 255 - Prato FARSETTIARTE s.r.l. C/C 1000 0000 9289 ABI 03069 CAB 21529 CIN D IBAN IT76D 03069 21529 1000 0000 9289 [..]
Timed auctions have been popular for quite some time in the United States but they are gaining ground in Europe and in Italy as well. As in traditional auctions, in timed auctiomonitoringns too the price [..]