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Farsettiarte, founded in 1955 by Frediano and Franco Farsetti, got its start as an art gallery in Prato, quickly making a name for itself through the organization of prestigious exhibitions. In 1962, it opened an auction house, which drew immediate interest from collectors and the market as a whole.

The gallery and auction house have travelled parallel paths, and though they have acted as a reciprocal stimulus, they have always retained their own autonomy, creating a truly unique phenomenon for the Italian art market.

Over the years, Farsettiarte expanded its exhibition activities, opening galleries in Cortina d'Ampezzo in 1964, Versilia in 1969, and Milan in 1982. A new location in Prato, next to the Luigi Pecci museum of contemporary art, was inaugurated in 1991. This modern, impressive facility, which has helped the company intensify its auctions and hold large-scale exhibitions, is Farsettiarte's operating and management headquarters. 

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