A.N.C.A., the Italian Association of Auction Houses, was founded on 30 January 1995.

A.N.C.A. belongs to the European Federation of Auctioneers, headquartered in Brussels, which groups together representatives of auction houses in EC member nations.

The aims of this apolitical, non-profit association are to further the image and development of the sector, safeguard its interests, encourage collaboration between members, harmonize regulations and adapt them to the international context, help resolve disputes through out-of-court settlements, and act as an influential interface with the authorities.

On 11 February 2002, the A.N.C.A. general meeting unanimously elected Sonia Farsetti to the office of president, previously held by Casimiro Porro, who had served the association in this capacity since its foundation in 1995.

Her term was renewed in February 2017.


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