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Art Gallery

Galleria d'Arte Frediano Farsetti focuses its activities on prominent figures in 20th century art from Italy and abroad.

Among many other examples, one could list the exhibitions “Giuseppe Pellizza and Giacomo Balla (From Divisionism to Futurism)”, in 2000, “Pablo Picasso and Friends in Paris”, in 2001, “Giorgio de Chirico - Romantico and Baroque”, in 2001, “Filippo De Pisis, a European Artist”, in 2001, “Modigliani: Drawings and Watercolors”, in 2002, “Mario Sironi”, in 2002, “Air of Paris, Three Tuscans at La Ruche: Soffici, Modigliani, Viani”, in 2003, “Soutine, Kisling, Utrillo and the Paris of Montparnasse”, in 2003, “From Dalì to Eternity”, in 2004, “Lucio Fontana, the Techniques of a Master”, in 2005, “Golden Venice from Guardi to Fontana”, in 2007, and “From Fontana to Castellani: Artists Transcending Form”, in 2010. 

Among the exhibitions that Galleria Farsetti has dedicated to Giorgio Morandi, one should cite the shows held in the summer of 1980 and 1989, in Cortina D'Ampezzo and Milan. The latter, titled “To Prato to See the Corots”, explored the correspondence exchanged between Giorgio Morandi and Ardengo Soffici. In a 1964 interview with Arnaldo Beccaria, the Bolognese painter said, “When I was nineteen or twenty, at an age that's so pivotal in our development, we young people found a fertile cultural terrain that had already been tilled for us by Soffici. He was the one who pointed out the paths that were opening up before us at the time.” This link that ties Morandi to Soffici and to Tuscan painting in general inspired Galleria Frediano Farsetti to dedicate a new show to him, even more extensive than the previous ones, in the Tuscan capital. This vast, comprehensive exhibition, with its primarily didactic approach, is an excellent way to familiarize oneself with the Bolognese artist's work, but is also an opportunity for deeper critical examination, since it offers the chance to directly admire and study paintings that come from private collections, and are therefore rarely seen by the public.